Saturday, December 8, 2012

The importance of fiber

Fiber can be found in many things from wheat breads, fruits, and vegetable to produce,  almonds and legumes.  Here is what I understand about them.  They come in two types, soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fiber is found in the core of an apple or the softer inner part of grains.  These turn into gas in the intestinal track which aids in the digestion of other foods and slows the rate your body absorbs glucose.  So this stuff helps get more out of your food while balancing out energy boosts.

Insoluble fiber is found in stuff with more strength to it like whole wheat, rice or broccoli type foods.  This does not dissolve in water and is beneficial with digestion and absorption. 

24 hour meat and sugar fast

       Fasting is something there is much debate about.  Everyone has an opinion, here's mine.  To start here's a article on an interesting study done in Utah.   While I like the idea of giving my body some time to recover and cleanse itself.  During a 24 hour fast I feel like I have less energy.  So I've been thinking and reading.  I think that to fast from meats and sugars for 24 hours is really beneficial and can be done more often than a complete fast.  You wouldn't have the drop in energy either.   This is a picture of bacon peanut brittle to get an idea of what to eat with care.

       So why meat and sugar you may be asking.  Well I learned in a marine biology class that because animals are higher on the food pyramid they contain 10 times the toxins of the food they eat.  And sugar in a processed refined form also interact with our body very similarly to a toxin.  It does so by providing energy without any nutritional value, so in order for that energy to be used, it must take nutrition from the rest of the body.  Besides this the digestive system can use the time to revitalize and function at prime.

I've found this to help with stress and getting over a cold or flu faster.  As well as getting more energy on a daily basis. I hope you found something you enjoyed reading here today.  Till next time folks.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Micro-brew - Healthy Beer?

Well I met this wise man who claimed we can survive off of Banana's, Broccoli, and Micro-brews for a good while.  Saying both banana's and broccoli are super foods.  So I've been researching this idea.  I would have to admit those are 3 of my favorite edible items that exist on this planet!   As far as I know I'm in good health, I can run and jump without even getting out of breathe.   So I just read this article and it said 2 pints a day can be healthy for ya.  Check it out:

Ok so

It seems many people aren't that stoked these days about healthy food or nutrition.  I just wanna say, it is so amazing to learn about something new.  Every day I meet a new person with a neat view of life, or hear a new song of a new style with a unique message, catch a glimpse of nature, a sunrise after a stormy night, learning the meaning of a new word, tasting a new vegetable and learning what it's made up of.  So honestly if you make it here, I encourage you to seize the moment.  By that I mean be who you want to be, to speak up and make your dreams happen sooner rather than later, don't pick your goals based on what everyone around you says you should do or be.  Because a cool thing about being human is we are all so incredibly unique.  So start asking people, researching, exploring whatever your interests are and you will find yourself on a path somewhere neat.   This is a hobby for me.  With <3 to all.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oo Banana

So this berry from an overgrown herb plant is rather absurd.  It has high amounts of vitamin a, b's and c, large amounts of fiber and natural fat that allows our body to better process unhealthy fats in the body.  They are also high in potassium which strengthens the cardiovascular system.   Also they contain a probiotic that allows the body to absorb calcium faster.  Many consider it a super-food, I certainly would.

At times, usually while under high stress, I will experience morning sickness.  When I do I'll try eating or drinking less the night before other than water.  Then starting the morning with a banana and maybe a glass of milk or green tea and more water.   Following that I'll get some light exercise or stretching in, after about an hour I'll be ready for a good sized meal.

Eating 3-4 hours before bed is not looked highly upon because the body absorbs building blocks from the stomach most efficiently, when our body is moving and blood is flowing relatively faster.   If we eat before bed it will sit in our digestive system through the night causing raised stress to our organs and leaves a bad situation for breakfast to be absorbed.

Enjoy banana's with ice cream or cereal.  In a smoothie or a fruit bowl.  And the peels can be used to 'dry up acne'.  I haven't tried it myself, but if you do let me know how it worked out.  I throw them in the compost, as they do all sorts of good for it.
Well here's another update, I hope this helps on your journey's in life.

Here are a few interesting sites I read about stuff like this on: