Sunday, August 27, 2017


This is a bit off topic. There are many posts on how to travel affordably, so this will be on how to travel safely.  As with most things in life, appearance is important.  Be humble, everyone you interact with has an unbelievable story. Though always stay aware. As if I feel mistreated I will express it, so will everyone else in one way or another.  Sadly being from the United States nearly everyone I meet has a slightly mistreated feeling towards me. This ties into rehab, to keep the spell, of being from the most aggressively destructive country in the world, at bay you must be generous, but not co-dependent.  Co-depence is when someone is using you to support a habit, whether "using" or not. The main habit I have seen is refusal to work, the illusion that being healthy comes from earning without work.  This is the primary cause of heart disease, etc.. Lack of physical activity, A.k.a. work.
Another way to stay safe is be buzzed while around new situations. This allows you to keep you passions and emotions from strangers. Also beer has a lot of calories and is very affordable, which greatly cuts costs of food.  Next up, travel light. Ties back into being humble, you are exploring the world! You don't need to look perfect. Every extra pound you are caring is making you more exhausted, more vulnerable. Bring a travel toothbrush a bit of paste, a very small blanket and a few pairs or clothes at max. Even if you lose everything you will be fine! Also saves on flights. Don't be afraid to walk away. Listen to your intuition, as soon as you feel something is off, kindly be on your way. Till next time

Monday, February 6, 2017

Back to the Basics

When I began gardening years ago, it was a outlet.  People would say I had problems with alcohol or anything they could put a finger on.  Sadly I believed them at the time. So I would exhaust myself in the garden rather than react to the negativity I was experiencing.

I had a vision of creating a rehab program using work in the garden to redirect the energy of people seeking a more healthy lifestyle. By working in the garden they could learn to support themselves as well as learning about nutrition.

I believe this could help the U.S. become united again by acting as a role model to other nations rather than a fearmonger. Making programs like this available to people on welfare, they could learn the tools to contribute more to society.

This sounds like a vague idea, but it doesn't need to be.  The cost of starting a garden is miniscule, as I wrote about in the post about bees. The benefits would be immeasurable.

Countries dealing with political instability could also greatly benefit from this opportunity. Rather than increasing costly militant presence, the ability to put political pressure on, overall good-hearted, people would be removed.

With much love, continue creating beauty in this world