Friday, September 6, 2013


Today I walked in the chicken coop to find a blue egg; the first one so far!  This is an update on the vegetables I've been growing.  The corn is doing fair.  Definitely need to find a way to keep the grass from the rows.  Leaves and pine needles worked well as a mulch and nitrogen source.  There are lots of tomatoes coming in; more than I have been using.  One is a cherry tomato plant with a bit of fence to hold it up.  The other has pear shaped tomatoes and didn't have a fence.  Proper cages would have been more ideal.  As the fence is hard to reach through, and without many tomatoes were unusable.

Recently I planted some jalapeno plants in the ground after being in pots for most of the summer.  They are growing better with more sun and space to grow.  Most of the onions and garlic have been harvested.  There was a good amount of very tasty red onions and a few small gloves of garlic.  I think they would have done better with more constant water.

Well, life is beautiful.  Keep exercising and being healthy!  Enjoy good company and good laughs.
Thanks for reading!