Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer update

Greetings,  the summer has arrived and it shows in the garden.  The jalapenos and strawberries wilt down, needing water just about daily.  They are in partial shade.  With enough water everything grows much quicker.  I pulled a few red onions yesterday, now I'll let them dry for about a week.  They look and smell good.  The corn is growing well, some of the oldest plants have cobs growing.  Also the tomato plants are doing great.  There are maybe up to thirty tomatoes growing on one of them.  Some of the garlic is doing really well while others aren't growing as well.

It has been hot, I've been drinking so much ice water.  Mixing it with a bit of cranberry or raspberry juice for extra flavor.  Also got a sun hat to help protect against the sun's rays.  Now I'm working more often so it's tough to allocate the time efficiently.  There are a few spots this aggressive crab grass has grown in.   It doesn't appear to be affecting the plants too much.  I've been focusing on watering.

Thanks for reading!

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