Monday, July 29, 2013

Fresh Fruit Juice - Blackberry Cherry-Plum Juice

 Today I noticed some apples coming in well and began to wonder what would be a good use for them.  This led me to making apple juice.  It turned out to be a surprisingly easy process.  After trying an apple I realized they aren't quite ready yet.  However the cherry plum trees and blackberry bushes are abundant with ripe fruit.   Wanting to try what I had just learned, I proceeded to pick a fair amount of cherry plums and blackberries.  Following the instructions online I mashed them up a bit, then simmered them for about 5 mins.  Put in threw a strainer, added water to taste and had some homemade blackberry, cherry plum juice!  Compared to what you buy it the store, it tastes a bit less sweet put makes up for it with fruit flavor.

I'd encourage you to try this with extra fruit you have around.  It's an easy way to make an enjoyable treat to share with family and friends.  I'll go over the process as it appears similar with most fruits.  Cut or mash the fruit, depending on softness.  Put in a large pot and add water till the fruit is covered.  Bring to a simmer and stir occasionally.  Once most of the content of the pot are soft, pour through a strainer.  Use a spatula to squish more out of the pulp.  Once it has cooled off add water to your liking.  If it comes out too sour or tart add sugar or honey to balance it out.  Try mixing different of your favorite fruits for your own fruit punch blend.

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