Saturday, June 1, 2013

Apples on Ice

I haven't always been a huge fan of apples,  until recently.  I began slicing them up and putting them in ice water.  It gives the water a bit of flavor, and there is a nice cold apple to munch on.  Eating more slowly helps you absorb the most out of food as well!  This way the apple wont turn brown and will become ice cold after a few mins.  

While on the note of apples, they are great for you.  They provide both types of fiber, aiding digestion greatly.  Which helps your over health.  They appear to reduce the risk of getting various types of cancer.  Also containing a natural form of sugar which is easily absorbed and a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving!   There are many other benefits I haven't listed here. 

So with summer coming on, make sure you stay cool and hydrated.  If you get bored of ice water, add an apple and enjoy!

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