Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Outside

   It's nearly spring and the days are getting longer and warmer.  I look forward to this time of the year, as flowers and critters shows up.  This is a great time to start a routine walk or hike.   Here are 5 reasons why something like that would be great for your mind and body:
  1.    Being outside even for a short time may change your mind set and keep you in a better mood throughout the day.  A combination of Vitamin D and seeing life in a more open perspective could contribute to this.
  2.    Physical activity on a routine basis helps your body stay healthy and clean out toxins that build up in your system.  Thus aiding you in achieving your goals more quickly.  There are many ways of enjoying yourself while getting exercise, like: biking, swimming, or playing sports.
  3.    Changes of scenery and routine keep the mind young and active.  They also help keep your personal problems in perspective.  Maybe explore that creek you have driven by a hundred times, or go running on a new path.  Be curious and ask why.
  4.    Become a part of the community you live in and get a better understanding of it.  Say hello to the neighbor a few houses down, who happens to walk his dog at the same time you do.  Or, walk by a local market and take note of community events posted there.  In the process you may meet people similar to you and enjoy good times with them.
  5.    Taking the time to appreciate beauty.  A good amount of time is spent in a small car, getting upset at the person in front of you for not driving the way you think they should be.  Or, at a job where there are few windows and no wildlife around.  The world is beautiful though, don't forget to take the time to go outside and appreciate it.
   So there should be nothing stopping you from embracing health!  There are parks around almost every city, so travel the distance and enjoy yourself a bit.  You deserve it.

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