Monday, January 7, 2013

Middle of winter

Well it's the middle of winter so there's not a whole lot to do in the garden.  A lot of cleaning up leaves and composting for soil the spring.  By spreading leaves as a cover over tough to work clay fields, it brings more composting activity which makes the soil easier to work and break down so whatever you plant can grow into it better.

Recently I've been build up the soil rather than digging into it, and been finding it works well in wooden containers.  I'm thinking the balance between high nutrient compost and low nutrient clay is helping the vegetables to grow better.  Also there being more room in softer soil for the roots to grow into helps.

I've been looking for a good internship on a sustainable farm.  I feel that would be a good way to learn more and meet people with similar interests.

Whatever walk of life you're from I encourage you to start planning what and where you're gonna plant your favorite vegetables and herbs this year.  You'd be surprised what can grow in a small space, and the flavor will be superb.  

Till next time

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