Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update and Ideas

Greetings, out here on the West Coast, we just started getting some good rain.  Since then spinach, Swiss chard, and lettuce are growing well.  Not many carrots sprouted, and of the ones that did one or two are growing well.

Another idea I came across was making a stepping stone by using cement and arranging some various stones in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket or old water bowl.  Then let dry for a day or two and there you have a homemade stepping stone.

As far as exercise, the core muscle groups are important.  They can be strengthened by cardio-endurance related activities.  Practice handstands against a wall if you feel comfortable and have developed decent core groups. Be aware of your surroundings!  Eventually if you keep practicing you'll be able to do a handstand without using the wall.  

Swiss chard is growing quickly right now so pick some up from your local farmers market,  it is a great source of fiber, vitamin K, A and trace minerals.  Fiber helps digestion.  Vitamin K helps with bone strength and blood flow.

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