Friday, July 6, 2012

The At Home Workout Plan

Are you like many people these days and have a busy daily life?  While wanting to improve your health, you don't seem to find the time. Well here's an easy 3 in 1 solution.  Turn your lawn into a garden!  Instead of driving across town and/or paying to work out, why not start a garden and get the exercise while doing something you enjoy.  Also you can get tasty vegetables to add to home cooked meals.  

Start small and use fallen leaves or grass clippings to amend the soil. Then pick up seeds from local hardware stores and begin your vegetable or flower garden.  You will quickly feel the exercise even just moving around a bit more.  The fresh air is great and the various activities are good for building core muscles and endurance.  There are many resources online for stuff like this.  Try searching Backyard Gardening or similar keywords.

After a few months of consistent work you can get nutritious vegetables, herbs etc...  This will make your work easier as you get natural vitamins. 

There you have it, an at home workout with a built-in nutrition plan.  You can spend as much or as little time as you'd like. 

Garden plant stakes

Check out these engraved wooden plant stakes.  You can get anything up to 15 letters engraved, making it great for various garden types.  They are carved out of a solid cedar wood.   Plant Stakes at Etsy    

As you can see they are clean and skillfully made.  Get them Custom made for $2.50 each.   Check out the site to purchase.  Email or message me with questions or continuous order arrangements.  
These are popular at a few local nurseries.