Sunday, April 8, 2012


         The idea that there are certain cures for certain illnesses, is a bit misleading. You see the body functions as a whole and constantly heals itself. It is very good at doing this, as long as it has the natural supplies it needs. It's a very simple idea, start with some major vitamins like A, Bs and C. Most people don't get enough of these, unless we are eating a wide variety of freshly picked fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts and more. Getting this variety will fuel your body with everything it needs to heal most ailments, refresh your skin, improve your brains ability to process information and give you an energy boost adding hours to your days.

        This may sound strange, but think about what we would eat if we were living in nature. The further we deviate from that, the more our body has to work to make up for it. Here's an apparent way to see this at work. We have all heard vitamin C helps with colds or the flu. Next time you feel one of these coming on, eat a variety of 3 to 4 servings of fresh fruit, throughout the day. Take note of how you feel and how long it takes to feel better. Compare this to how you normally feel. On a side note, if you really wanna stop it in its tracks: eat no refined sugar, eat less meat, and drink a gallon of water throughout the day.

        By consistently eating foods that still have high amounts of vitamins in them we can become way less susceptible to sickness as well as improve our entire physical health. Vitamins A and B play a larger part in the proper synthesis of hormones and chemicals which allow us to deal with emotional and/or circumstantial issues. Keep consuming a natural supply of Vitamins A and the B's to overcome many common disorders: alcoholism, Alzheimer's, bi-polar, chronic-fatigue, depression, drug-dependency, insomnia, lack of motivation, obesity, and the list goes on...

       All the vitamins work together and create a wellness in the body.  It has been rumored to not only help fight cancer but even to reduce the presence of it in our bodies.  This as well as slowing Alzheimer's was something I found intriguing!  I guess this may be basic knowledge, however it seems few put it to use. I encourage you to learn more about nutrition and it's role in health. Thanks for reading :-)

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