Saturday, December 31, 2011

Simply Meditation

    Think back about what you have done over the last 24 hours. How many times did you laugh? How many phone calls did you make? How many times were you stressing because you were in a rush? What ever your walk of life more likely than not there is a lot of stuff going on, day in and day out. This is wonderful, it is what makes us alive. How about a moment of peace?
    Let me begin with my introduction to meditation. Growing up I'd heard the term and knew basically what it was. During my 3rd year at SRJC, I was in an Asian Philosophy class which went over a diverse background of various spiritual movements. Meditation is essential in many of those movements. I took a yoga class, which seems to go hand and hand with meditation, and surprisingly felt relaxed, strengthened and refreshed at the end. A few months later I was driving by a local Unitarian church which had a sign posted "Meditation 7pm Wed"
    So there I find myself walking down the aisles towards these 3 individuals I'd never met before. They were surprised and glad to see someone so young, and took a few minutes to explain a bit about what we were gonna do. We sat in a circle and began to focus on deep breathing and relaxing every bit of the body starting at the tips of the toes. Once he finished explaining, a gong he rang and there we sat for 60 minutes straight. Breathing in and breathing out. I remember listening to the cars driving by. It was beautiful.
    Nowadays I find different videos on YouTube by searching for things like 'air relaxation music' or 'peaceful mediation' etc. Then will meditate at home. I have found much relaxation from taking moments now and then to let myself unwind. After tough workouts or long days at a job I'd feel much better even after just 10 -20 mins of peacefulness. I would highly recommend taking a few minutes, put on peaceful music and removing distractions if possible, and just relax. You'll feel better, and will see a difference in your ability to handle whatever it is you do on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts on this.


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