Friday, September 16, 2016

Always running

There was a fortune cookie that read, "Romance and travel will go together."  I sighed in relief.  In the past 5 years I've quit many jobs to travel.  Many friends pressure me to go to school or take up a career.  Be more romantic and shit. So I feel torn.  I love my friends and value their opinions, but traveling really makes me happy.  So the sigh was at a thought of being able to travel all over and still stay close with the people who are close to my heart. 
I was reading the blog of someone whose journey makes me feel far less different in my own. They were talking about dating themselves. That post inspired me to write more honestly.  I stopped dating a long time ago. I started feeling that there is no one loyal out there and stopped letting myself care about those types of feelings.  Sure it may be an illegitimate (no pun intended) way to feel, but feelings remain. 
There is more to it though. Dating myself became very enjoyable.  Rather than structure my life around one other person. I could roam freely. I began hobbies and started making tons of friends.  And yes, I started to learn about who I really was. What I like and what makes me happy.  I wouldn't shower for days and stopped worrying about how other people view me. The most genuine people I've met started crawling out of the woodwork.
I began learning to see behavioral patterns and could avoid counter-productive relationships much sooner.  So the journey of finding myself became rewarding. The world became a much smaller place.  Because even though I'd never met certain people I could spot their intentions quickly.
This is sorta just a ramble, it feels nice to write out

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Citrus Artichoke Companion Planting and Compassion

     Greetings readers, it has been awhile since an update.  Currently the garden is mostly barren, however the soil is filled with various seeds waiting to sprout in spring.  Last year the tomato harvest was more abundant than I could eat or give away.  Blessings.
       What remains is artichokes, proudly unaffected by the frost, as well as a few onions. There is also a grapefruit tree. Knowing citrus plants don't tolerate frost and being too lazy to cover it every-time the temperatures drop, I planted it right next to the artichoke plants.  I am surprised at how well it is doing.

      The artichoke leaves have now grown slightly over the grapefruit tree. Amazingly enough, the grapefruit tree is not only surviving, but growing into the artichoke's protection.  There has been a fair amount of new growth since the first frost of the year.  I heard that underneath a plant canopy, frost takes much longer to settle.   This also can lessen the cold if for some reason you have to sleep outside during cold conditions.

      It has been a difficult year, dealing with a lot of aggressive behavior.  The rewards have been great though.  By turning the other cheek I have been able to explain how toxins and malnutrition affect emotions. A bit over 7 years ago, I had a conversation with a friend about world hunger.  I felt there was little I could do to help, much less reverse the process, because it is not profitable.  So I choose to stop dating and stop working to build my own wealth, in order to make an actual impact.

       That is very much why I started this blog.  To offer what I have been learning about feeding and healing myself without monetary input.  During that time I have learned a tremendous amount and am grateful.  I've not only learned a great deal about gardening and nutrition, but how to meet people where they are at.  Over the years many of the most sincere people I've met have been wanderers, homeless and "mentally challenged."  I quickly learned many of these people really could use a listening ear and someone to accept them for who they are. This helped me come to peace with behaviors of people that have caused me to feel mistreated in the past.

      After 7 years had passed I decided to return to a more comfortable lifestyle.  Mostly because the loneliness is rough.  I took a vacation to New York to celebrate and accepted a job above minimum wage for the first time since then.  I'm not sure where my journey will lead me now, but I am excited for new beginnings.  I plan to still continue being generous and compassionate, simply am now seeking the Middle Way that Buddha spoke of.  Thank you everyone for reading.  Until next time