Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nutrition and Exercise

      Nutrition in relation to working-out is key to lasting results.  Energy used during exercise should be replenished afterwords to get the most from your work-out. Prior to physical exercise, a snack can help with endurance and motivation.  A large meal, however, will take energy to digest that could be used for going an extra few yards.  As always for amounts of food or exercise, go with what feels like the right amount.

      Before working out, hydration is very important. Drink water over time, no chugging!   A serving of fruit and some carbs will supply vitamins, quick-energy (sugar), lasting-energy (carbs).  I recommend saving protein for after working-out as protein is a complex form of nutrition and takes extra energy to digest.

      After pumping iron, or the 1,000 meter you probably will want to eat everything in sight.  Don't let me tell you not to.  Just be sure to remember that lightly cooked vegetables for the fiber is needed to strengthen tendons, muscles and avoid injury. Fiber and Muscles.

      A wise chiropractor once told me, the amount of toxins in the body directly effects the mood and energy levels.  Since then I've focused more on that, than the fat to muscle ratio I've read about in the past.  Decrease refined sugars, flours and unnatural ingredients.  Replace this with natural, lightly-cooked, lightly-processed foods.  When you have the right building blocks you can perform optimally.

      Decreasing the amount of food we eat too much puts the body into shock, especially when stressed or after heavy exercise.  When is dieting too much? Instead focus on the whole system by eating more healthy foods and exercising regularly.  Enjoy yourself!