Friday, September 6, 2013


Today I walked in the chicken coop to find a blue egg; the first one so far!  This is an update on the vegetables I've been growing.  The corn is doing fair.  Definitely need to find a way to keep the grass from the rows.  Leaves and pine needles worked well as a mulch and nitrogen source.  There are lots of tomatoes coming in; more than I have been using.  One is a cherry tomato plant with a bit of fence to hold it up.  The other has pear shaped tomatoes and didn't have a fence.  Proper cages would have been more ideal.  As the fence is hard to reach through, and without many tomatoes were unusable.

Recently I planted some jalapeno plants in the ground after being in pots for most of the summer.  They are growing better with more sun and space to grow.  Most of the onions and garlic have been harvested.  There was a good amount of very tasty red onions and a few small gloves of garlic.  I think they would have done better with more constant water.

Well, life is beautiful.  Keep exercising and being healthy!  Enjoy good company and good laughs.
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fresh Fruit Juice - Blackberry Cherry-Plum Juice

 Today I noticed some apples coming in well and began to wonder what would be a good use for them.  This led me to making apple juice.  It turned out to be a surprisingly easy process.  After trying an apple I realized they aren't quite ready yet.  However the cherry plum trees and blackberry bushes are abundant with ripe fruit.   Wanting to try what I had just learned, I proceeded to pick a fair amount of cherry plums and blackberries.  Following the instructions online I mashed them up a bit, then simmered them for about 5 mins.  Put in threw a strainer, added water to taste and had some homemade blackberry, cherry plum juice!  Compared to what you buy it the store, it tastes a bit less sweet put makes up for it with fruit flavor.

I'd encourage you to try this with extra fruit you have around.  It's an easy way to make an enjoyable treat to share with family and friends.  I'll go over the process as it appears similar with most fruits.  Cut or mash the fruit, depending on softness.  Put in a large pot and add water till the fruit is covered.  Bring to a simmer and stir occasionally.  Once most of the content of the pot are soft, pour through a strainer.  Use a spatula to squish more out of the pulp.  Once it has cooled off add water to your liking.  If it comes out too sour or tart add sugar or honey to balance it out.  Try mixing different of your favorite fruits for your own fruit punch blend.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer update

Greetings,  the summer has arrived and it shows in the garden.  The jalapenos and strawberries wilt down, needing water just about daily.  They are in partial shade.  With enough water everything grows much quicker.  I pulled a few red onions yesterday, now I'll let them dry for about a week.  They look and smell good.  The corn is growing well, some of the oldest plants have cobs growing.  Also the tomato plants are doing great.  There are maybe up to thirty tomatoes growing on one of them.  Some of the garlic is doing really well while others aren't growing as well.

It has been hot, I've been drinking so much ice water.  Mixing it with a bit of cranberry or raspberry juice for extra flavor.  Also got a sun hat to help protect against the sun's rays.  Now I'm working more often so it's tough to allocate the time efficiently.  There are a few spots this aggressive crab grass has grown in.   It doesn't appear to be affecting the plants too much.  I've been focusing on watering.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Apples on Ice

I haven't always been a huge fan of apples,  until recently.  I began slicing them up and putting them in ice water.  It gives the water a bit of flavor, and there is a nice cold apple to munch on.  Eating more slowly helps you absorb the most out of food as well!  This way the apple wont turn brown and will become ice cold after a few mins.  

While on the note of apples, they are great for you.  They provide both types of fiber, aiding digestion greatly.  Which helps your over health.  They appear to reduce the risk of getting various types of cancer.  Also containing a natural form of sugar which is easily absorbed and a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving!   There are many other benefits I haven't listed here. 

So with summer coming on, make sure you stay cool and hydrated.  If you get bored of ice water, add an apple and enjoy!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Greetings, so this article will be about my experience of getting chickens.  I got them with hopes of getting some eggs and using their droppings as fertilizer to help the garden.   I found an area in the backyard and moved some old wood and pipes.  Then I put up a fence with chicken wire at the bottom and converted half of a bike shed into a chicken coop.   I used an old rabbit cage to to make some nesting boxes, and lined them with grass clippings, hay and alfalfa.

After a few days of working on that, I got two Rhode Island Red chickens.  I found out this morning they can get over a 4 ft high fence, so I'm going to get some hardware cloth to put over the top.  I'm planning on getting a few more chickens of different breeds.  Aracanas lay blue or green eggs or maybe some that lay white eggs, like Leghorns.

I got pullets for multiple reasons.  Pullets are about three to four months old and haven't started laying eggs yet.  While they are a bit higher priced than baby chicks, they don't require special heating lamps and feed.  They also had laying hens from one and a half to two years old.  I decided against getting them because chickens usually live to ten years and their peak laying age is about three years.  I'd rather pullets.

It's been a fun experience, the chickens looks pretty awesome too.  I got a bag of 'Egg Maker' chicken feed,  they seem to like it and it appears to have a good amount of nutrition for the birds.  They also eat grass and bugs, which there is plenty of in the outside area.  Check your cities ordinances on chickens and if they are allowed I would encourage getting a few.  They don't need a whole lot of space and they are far more interesting than a cat.  Thanks for reading, enjoy yourself.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Fitness and Nutrition?

What is fitness? Similar to health in some ways, it is the state of being fit.  Able to do the given task well.  Having the body composition you want.  What is nutrition?  The process of taking in materials and using it for growth and cell regeneration.  What have they got to do with each other?  The fitness would be the what and the nutrition would be the how.  Which leaves only the question of why?  Wellness!  I'll quote on this one "The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits."  Sounds nice right?  Stick around with the people you love for awhile and being sane and healthy while spending time with them.  Being able to work enough for yourself and to be generous as well.  I suppose there can be many reasons.  Small steps and curiosity help keep it interesting.  If you run into one of those days where motivation isn't there, try putting on the biggest smile and keeping it there for the next 15 mins, or telling a light-hearted joke to your co-worker.  Be creative, paint or draw something.  Blast you're favorite song and dance to it like today is the best day of your life.  That's all for now folks.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Grapefruit, A Great Fruit!

      Recently I've been drinking grapefruit juice more often.  So I took the time to look up how it interacts with the body.  First I found that it may interact with up to 85 common prescription pills.  So if you are on any form of medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if grapefruit will interact with it. These interactions are explained better here: Furanocoumarins.  

     I became interested more in this fruit when I would notice both an energy boost and a general feeling of happiness.  This most likely can be explained by the larger amount of vitamins and minerals found in it.  I encourage you to research on your own what these are, as I am finding many things I'm not familiar with.  

     Some of the commonly listed health benefits would be:  Helping with proper digestion, urinary tract infection's, flu-fighting, lowers cholesterol, and providing a defense against some types of cancer.  So adding a few slices of grapefruit to a breakfast meal or having some juice with dinner may help you feel more up to par.  

    I've personally noticed it helping in recovery from work-outs and/or high-stress environments.  The taste is quite bitter, but it is growing on me over time.  If you really can't stand it, try mixing it with apple or grape juice .  So yes I would have to say grapefruit is a great fruit!   

Sites I learned most of this from:    

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Super Eggs

   I've been eating eggs with more veggies in them.  They seem to add flavor and give me an energy boost in the morning.  Today was my most daring yet and it actually turned out quite good.

  Super Eggs:
What you'll need:

  • 4 hash browns
  • A small handful of green beans
  • Onion (to taste)
  • Garlic (to taste)
  • A few spinach leaves
  • A leaf or 2 of swiss chard
  • 3 eggs
  • A dash of milk
  • Hot sauce of your choice
  • A sprinkle of cheese (after heat is off)
   Start by tossing any frozen ingredients in the pan, to defrost, with some butter or non-stick spray.  Though I do recommend using ingredients that are as fresh as possible.
   Next begin chopping the remaining vegetables and add them.  Dump the eggs and a dash of milk (around 1/4 the mass of the eggs) on top.  Allow it to cook, slowly stirring and keeping anything from burning.
   Add a bit of hot sauce for flavor to the eggs and leafy vegetables.  Be aware the onions and garlic will enhance the hot sauce.
   Once the mixture is fairly dry, remove from heat and sprinkle some of your favorite cheese on top.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Outside

   It's nearly spring and the days are getting longer and warmer.  I look forward to this time of the year, as flowers and critters shows up.  This is a great time to start a routine walk or hike.   Here are 5 reasons why something like that would be great for your mind and body:
  1.    Being outside even for a short time may change your mind set and keep you in a better mood throughout the day.  A combination of Vitamin D and seeing life in a more open perspective could contribute to this.
  2.    Physical activity on a routine basis helps your body stay healthy and clean out toxins that build up in your system.  Thus aiding you in achieving your goals more quickly.  There are many ways of enjoying yourself while getting exercise, like: biking, swimming, or playing sports.
  3.    Changes of scenery and routine keep the mind young and active.  They also help keep your personal problems in perspective.  Maybe explore that creek you have driven by a hundred times, or go running on a new path.  Be curious and ask why.
  4.    Become a part of the community you live in and get a better understanding of it.  Say hello to the neighbor a few houses down, who happens to walk his dog at the same time you do.  Or, walk by a local market and take note of community events posted there.  In the process you may meet people similar to you and enjoy good times with them.
  5.    Taking the time to appreciate beauty.  A good amount of time is spent in a small car, getting upset at the person in front of you for not driving the way you think they should be.  Or, at a job where there are few windows and no wildlife around.  The world is beautiful though, don't forget to take the time to go outside and appreciate it.
   So there should be nothing stopping you from embracing health!  There are parks around almost every city, so travel the distance and enjoy yourself a bit.  You deserve it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Natural Joint Strength

       I read a few articles today about nutrition for joint pain.  Allow me to share.    Many people experience joint pain for various reasons.  This pain usually arises from heavy stress on the joints, which is often caused by improper form or environment.  Along with muscle recovery, pay attention to your joints.  Flexibility and strong tendons help avoid injury as well as improving blood flow to help your overall health.

       Vitamin C helps the immune system function.  It's commonly found in oranges, strawberries, kiwi, broccoli and many other fruits and vegetables.  With vitamin C, you know you've had to much when your stool is softer than normal.  If your body is absorbing a lot of vitamin C you may need a few servings.

       Don't forget vitamin E.  This vitamin is important for many reasons, one of it's most well-known is it's anti-oxidizing properties.  It can be found in wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, almonds, dark-leafy vegetables as well as other green or orange fruits and vegetables.  This works with vitamin C to repair the cells throughout the body including the joints.

       Omega-3 fatty acids are an important oil that helps movement.  It's found in fish, olives, free-range eggs, and various seed or nut oils.  It reduces joint pain and is anti-inflammatory.  Try mixing various seeds and nuts into meals to get more Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

       Pineapple which has a good mix of these vitamins and other helpful minerals and fiber. Last but not least, Papaya with great healing and recovery properties. Basically  switch up your diet.  Try having some tropical fruits, with some dark-leafy greens and flax seed.

       One final thing to remember, the physical aspects contributing to joint pain.  Environment and right form are big factors.  Get good insoles if you're walking on hard surfaces often, take time every few hours to stretch your hands if you are on a computer all day.  Whenever exercising focus on the movement and correct it till it feels right.  Watch videos or learn from other people's form as it helps.

       Thanks for reading.  I hope you found something useful.  I'll be posting more soon.
Here are some of the sites I read about this on:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nutrition and Exercise

      Nutrition in relation to working-out is key to lasting results.  Energy used during exercise should be replenished afterwords to get the most from your work-out. Prior to physical exercise, a snack can help with endurance and motivation.  A large meal, however, will take energy to digest that could be used for going an extra few yards.  As always for amounts of food or exercise, go with what feels like the right amount.

      Before working out, hydration is very important. Drink water over time, no chugging!   A serving of fruit and some carbs will supply vitamins, quick-energy (sugar), lasting-energy (carbs).  I recommend saving protein for after working-out as protein is a complex form of nutrition and takes extra energy to digest.

      After pumping iron, or the 1,000 meter you probably will want to eat everything in sight.  Don't let me tell you not to.  Just be sure to remember that lightly cooked vegetables for the fiber is needed to strengthen tendons, muscles and avoid injury. Fiber and Muscles.

      A wise chiropractor once told me, the amount of toxins in the body directly effects the mood and energy levels.  Since then I've focused more on that, than the fat to muscle ratio I've read about in the past.  Decrease refined sugars, flours and unnatural ingredients.  Replace this with natural, lightly-cooked, lightly-processed foods.  When you have the right building blocks you can perform optimally.

      Decreasing the amount of food we eat too much puts the body into shock, especially when stressed or after heavy exercise.  When is dieting too much? Instead focus on the whole system by eating more healthy foods and exercising regularly.  Enjoy yourself!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Planning a garden

Some things you should keep in mind while planning a garden are:

  1. How much area you are working with.
  2. What you want to plant and when it gets planted.
  3. Companion planting helps maximize space and yield.
  4. Keep a path for your wheel-barrel to all areas.
Taking sometime between seasons to plan out what you're doing in spring can be a tremendous help.  It can take the burden off you in a few months when many things can be planted around the same time.  Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning.

Go outside and take a look.  Many areas can be cleaned up easily to make more room.  If you are limited on space consider potted plants.  Try the multilevel planters to practice some vertical farming.  Keep in mind the path of the sun, try to find maximum sunlight for most vegetables.

Now consider what it is you want to plant in the garden this year.  Make a list of all the foods you have always dreamed of growing yourself.  Figure out what vegetables and herbs you need to make them.  For a useful common tomato sauce, plant some tomatoes, garlic, basil, and whatever else you have enjoyed in pasta sauce.   Estimate how much room it will take up and plan likewise.

When you figure out what you want to grow, start planning on what will be grouped together.  As a rule of thumb, plant a root crop, a leafy cover crop and an above-ground vegetable together.  I would suggest looking up online for combinations that do well together.  By doing this right you can deter pests and get the most out of an area. I would also recommend a fair amount of fruit or nut trees and some taller plants spaced out.  These will help block wind and make a better environment for everything else in the garden.

Finally, plan out a path or two for your wheel-barrel.  This can save you a lot of work near the spring time.  Keep it simple and allow enough room to get to nearly all areas.  Use rocks or gravel to keep weeds at bay in the path and to add a nice touch to the landscape of the garden.  Remember to plant more than you expect to need, there will always be a friend, family-member or neighbor that would love to share in the bounty of the earth.

If you have over a half acre, consider getting a honey-bee hive or two.  The bees will help everything in your garden, they are having a tough time surviving in this quickly changing world, and they produce a good amount of honey.  Honey is a great sugar substitute and helps allergies if you eat local honey.

Go take a look at the area, figure what you want to plant.  Plant with other plants to maximize space and minimize weather and pest damage.  Leave room for easily moving equipment and compost around.  Good luck out there. It's a new year, let it be a great one. Thanks for reading.  Until next time.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


      I found it interesting while reading about ancient Greek gyms that they also study school subjects there.
This shows they can go hand in hand.  I'm gonna talk about some tips for starting up a work out or adding different exercises to your current work out.  While exercising be conscious of your form and the amount of effort these exercises take.  If you notice discomfort try to understand why.  Try changing up your routine to gain flexibility, balance and allow injuries to heal completely.  

      Now that's what I'd call intelligent working out.  I've been throwing around some terms so let's start with some basics as I understand them.  Strength: This would be how much you can lift max in 1 rep.  Endurance: Can be measured as how many reps of how much you can lift over an extended period of time.  Recovery Time: How long it takes to recover between sets.

      There are many ways to increase the weight and reps while decreasing the amount of time it takes to do them.  I suggest starting with a focus on cardiovascular workouts  to get your body up to par and contemplate why you are working out and what your short term and long term goals are.  This will build a solid foundation for you to pump iron from!  Now you must get excited about your goals.  Go and make them happen.

Starting with push-ups can be a great way to increase your metabolism and gain strength   Incline (arms raised), decline (feet raised), wide spread and triangle (hands together). Best of luck and good health too you.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Middle of winter

Well it's the middle of winter so there's not a whole lot to do in the garden.  A lot of cleaning up leaves and composting for soil the spring.  By spreading leaves as a cover over tough to work clay fields, it brings more composting activity which makes the soil easier to work and break down so whatever you plant can grow into it better.

Recently I've been build up the soil rather than digging into it, and been finding it works well in wooden containers.  I'm thinking the balance between high nutrient compost and low nutrient clay is helping the vegetables to grow better.  Also there being more room in softer soil for the roots to grow into helps.

I've been looking for a good internship on a sustainable farm.  I feel that would be a good way to learn more and meet people with similar interests.

Whatever walk of life you're from I encourage you to start planning what and where you're gonna plant your favorite vegetables and herbs this year.  You'd be surprised what can grow in a small space, and the flavor will be superb.  

Till next time

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zip Car

       For those of you living near large cities, check out this deal.  Rent a car at an affordable price, with more flexibility.