Monday, December 3, 2012

Ok so

It seems many people aren't that stoked these days about healthy food or nutrition.  I just wanna say, it is so amazing to learn about something new.  Every day I meet a new person with a neat view of life, or hear a new song of a new style with a unique message, catch a glimpse of nature, a sunrise after a stormy night, learning the meaning of a new word, tasting a new vegetable and learning what it's made up of.  So honestly if you make it here, I encourage you to seize the moment.  By that I mean be who you want to be, to speak up and make your dreams happen sooner rather than later, don't pick your goals based on what everyone around you says you should do or be.  Because a cool thing about being human is we are all so incredibly unique.  So start asking people, researching, exploring whatever your interests are and you will find yourself on a path somewhere neat.   This is a hobby for me.  With <3 to all.

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