Saturday, December 8, 2012

24 hour meat and sugar fast

       Fasting is something there is much debate about.  Everyone has an opinion, here's mine.  To start here's a article on an interesting study done in Utah.   While I like the idea of giving my body some time to recover and cleanse itself.  During a 24 hour fast I feel like I have less energy.  So I've been thinking and reading.  I think that to fast from meats and sugars for 24 hours is really beneficial and can be done more often than a complete fast.  You wouldn't have the drop in energy either.   This is a picture of bacon peanut brittle to get an idea of what to eat with care.

       So why meat and sugar you may be asking.  Well I learned in a marine biology class that because animals are higher on the food pyramid they contain 10 times the toxins of the food they eat.  And sugar in a processed refined form also interact with our body very similarly to a toxin.  It does so by providing energy without any nutritional value, so in order for that energy to be used, it must take nutrition from the rest of the body.  Besides this the digestive system can use the time to revitalize and function at prime.

I've found this to help with stress and getting over a cold or flu faster.  As well as getting more energy on a daily basis. I hope you found something you enjoyed reading here today.  Till next time folks.

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