Monday, June 11, 2012

Mixed Vegetable Bed

I had an idea for a mixed garden bed and decided to try it.  I added a 3 x 8 ft raised bed to the garden.  Then filled it with a thick layer of compost, followed with composted and aged horse and goat manure. Spread a small amount of heavier clay soil on top to help the compost break down.  Next I added a variety of garden plant seeds to a cup, mixed then up and tilled them into the bed.   It's been a few weeks since.  I've been watering avg once a day.  Today I went out there and many things have sprouted!  Looks like some corn, squash, beans and more.  Ideally they will grow in with some as companion plants and thriving.  While vegetables grow quickly in full sun, having many together may keep the surface cooler during hot summer days and require less water.

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