Saturday, December 8, 2012

The importance of fiber

Fiber can be found in many things from wheat breads, fruits, and vegetable to produce,  almonds and legumes.  Here is what I understand about them.  They come in two types, soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fiber is found in the core of an apple or the softer inner part of grains.  These turn into gas in the intestinal track which aids in the digestion of other foods and slows the rate your body absorbs glucose.  So this stuff helps get more out of your food while balancing out energy boosts.

Insoluble fiber is found in stuff with more strength to it like whole wheat, rice or broccoli type foods.  This does not dissolve in water and is beneficial with digestion and absorption. 

24 hour meat and sugar fast

       Fasting is something there is much debate about.  Everyone has an opinion, here's mine.  To start here's a article on an interesting study done in Utah.   While I like the idea of giving my body some time to recover and cleanse itself.  During a 24 hour fast I feel like I have less energy.  So I've been thinking and reading.  I think that to fast from meats and sugars for 24 hours is really beneficial and can be done more often than a complete fast.  You wouldn't have the drop in energy either.   This is a picture of bacon peanut brittle to get an idea of what to eat with care.

       So why meat and sugar you may be asking.  Well I learned in a marine biology class that because animals are higher on the food pyramid they contain 10 times the toxins of the food they eat.  And sugar in a processed refined form also interact with our body very similarly to a toxin.  It does so by providing energy without any nutritional value, so in order for that energy to be used, it must take nutrition from the rest of the body.  Besides this the digestive system can use the time to revitalize and function at prime.

I've found this to help with stress and getting over a cold or flu faster.  As well as getting more energy on a daily basis. I hope you found something you enjoyed reading here today.  Till next time folks.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Micro-brew - Healthy Beer?

Well I met this wise man who claimed we can survive off of Banana's, Broccoli, and Micro-brews for a good while.  Saying both banana's and broccoli are super foods.  So I've been researching this idea.  I would have to admit those are 3 of my favorite edible items that exist on this planet!   As far as I know I'm in good health, I can run and jump without even getting out of breathe.   So I just read this article and it said 2 pints a day can be healthy for ya.  Check it out:

Ok so

It seems many people aren't that stoked these days about healthy food or nutrition.  I just wanna say, it is so amazing to learn about something new.  Every day I meet a new person with a neat view of life, or hear a new song of a new style with a unique message, catch a glimpse of nature, a sunrise after a stormy night, learning the meaning of a new word, tasting a new vegetable and learning what it's made up of.  So honestly if you make it here, I encourage you to seize the moment.  By that I mean be who you want to be, to speak up and make your dreams happen sooner rather than later, don't pick your goals based on what everyone around you says you should do or be.  Because a cool thing about being human is we are all so incredibly unique.  So start asking people, researching, exploring whatever your interests are and you will find yourself on a path somewhere neat.   This is a hobby for me.  With <3 to all.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oo Banana

So this berry from an overgrown herb plant is rather absurd.  It has high amounts of vitamin a, b's and c, large amounts of fiber and natural fat that allows our body to better process unhealthy fats in the body.  They are also high in potassium which strengthens the cardiovascular system.   Also they contain a probiotic that allows the body to absorb calcium faster.  Many consider it a super-food, I certainly would.

At times, usually while under high stress, I will experience morning sickness.  When I do I'll try eating or drinking less the night before other than water.  Then starting the morning with a banana and maybe a glass of milk or green tea and more water.   Following that I'll get some light exercise or stretching in, after about an hour I'll be ready for a good sized meal.

Eating 3-4 hours before bed is not looked highly upon because the body absorbs building blocks from the stomach most efficiently, when our body is moving and blood is flowing relatively faster.   If we eat before bed it will sit in our digestive system through the night causing raised stress to our organs and leaves a bad situation for breakfast to be absorbed.

Enjoy banana's with ice cream or cereal.  In a smoothie or a fruit bowl.  And the peels can be used to 'dry up acne'.  I haven't tried it myself, but if you do let me know how it worked out.  I throw them in the compost, as they do all sorts of good for it.
Well here's another update, I hope this helps on your journey's in life.

Here are a few interesting sites I read about stuff like this on:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Public Transportation

      Taking the bus to work can save a lot of money.  Here's a good link with a chart showings saving by city: Bus vs. Car 

      After adding up the price it seems a great deal could be saved.  In my city it cost around $40 dollars for a monthly bus pass with unlimited rides.  Plus you will get some exercise in walking to bus stops.  Also the stress of driving is taken out of your day, allowing you to arrive at work in a great mood.

     I think this is a good choice as the funding will help develop more public transportation.  Can't forget to mention a bicycle.  Then you will be getting a good amount of exercise.  Most buses have bike racks that are pretty easy to use.  I found it quite useful.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Check this site out,   It has tons of intriguing articles on natural health.  I like the Mind/Body section, found a lot having to do with managing pain in new ways.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update and Ideas

Greetings, out here on the West Coast, we just started getting some good rain.  Since then spinach, Swiss chard, and lettuce are growing well.  Not many carrots sprouted, and of the ones that did one or two are growing well.

Another idea I came across was making a stepping stone by using cement and arranging some various stones in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket or old water bowl.  Then let dry for a day or two and there you have a homemade stepping stone.

As far as exercise, the core muscle groups are important.  They can be strengthened by cardio-endurance related activities.  Practice handstands against a wall if you feel comfortable and have developed decent core groups. Be aware of your surroundings!  Eventually if you keep practicing you'll be able to do a handstand without using the wall.  

Swiss chard is growing quickly right now so pick some up from your local farmers market,  it is a great source of fiber, vitamin K, A and trace minerals.  Fiber helps digestion.  Vitamin K helps with bone strength and blood flow.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winter Garden

Well it's been a while.  It's near the end of September, so it's starting to cool off.  Winter gardens are cool because:

  • Less watering, the rain will take care of that. Just proper drainage during heavier rains.  
  • Soft soil, it is much easier to work with once it soaks up some moisture.
  • A wide variety of plants can be grown.  Around here it's prefect for broccoli  spinach, lettuce, carrots etc... 
  • Keeps food coming from the garden year-round! 

I just planted some carrots and spinach in a raised bed.  Gonna see how that goes.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The At Home Workout Plan

Are you like many people these days and have a busy daily life?  While wanting to improve your health, you don't seem to find the time. Well here's an easy 3 in 1 solution.  Turn your lawn into a garden!  Instead of driving across town and/or paying to work out, why not start a garden and get the exercise while doing something you enjoy.  Also you can get tasty vegetables to add to home cooked meals.  

Start small and use fallen leaves or grass clippings to amend the soil. Then pick up seeds from local hardware stores and begin your vegetable or flower garden.  You will quickly feel the exercise even just moving around a bit more.  The fresh air is great and the various activities are good for building core muscles and endurance.  There are many resources online for stuff like this.  Try searching Backyard Gardening or similar keywords.

After a few months of consistent work you can get nutritious vegetables, herbs etc...  This will make your work easier as you get natural vitamins. 

There you have it, an at home workout with a built-in nutrition plan.  You can spend as much or as little time as you'd like. 

Garden plant stakes

Check out these engraved wooden plant stakes.  You can get anything up to 15 letters engraved, making it great for various garden types.  They are carved out of a solid cedar wood.   Plant Stakes at Etsy    

As you can see they are clean and skillfully made.  Get them Custom made for $2.50 each.   Check out the site to purchase.  Email or message me with questions or continuous order arrangements.  
These are popular at a few local nurseries.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Broccoli Fish Tacos

Here's a recipe that turned out pretty good.  Broccoli Fish Tacos:
4 small white corn tortillas
2 servings of fish of your choice. (I used a cod-like fish)
1/2 a head of brocolli
salsa of your choice
shredded cheese
a few slices of lemon
a teaspoon of salt
butter or veggie oil

Start baking the fish as this will take the longest, add a small amount of salsa on top to add flavor and moisture.  About 5 minutes before they are done, flip them so both sides get cripsy.  You can tell they're done when they start to brown a bit.

Cook the tortillas with butter on the stovetop untill lightly browned.

Chop broccoli leaving mainly the heads. (I like to cook and eat the stems on the side, or add to compost)

Boil in water with salt for about 5 mins.

Drain and then chop into small 1/2 inch chuncks.

Cut fish into smaller 1 - 1/2 inch pieces.

Add fish to tortillas, then broccoli.

Next add cheese, and squeeze lemon.

Add a spoonful of salsa.

Serves 2.

A healthy decently priced meal to make.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mixed Vegetable Bed

I had an idea for a mixed garden bed and decided to try it.  I added a 3 x 8 ft raised bed to the garden.  Then filled it with a thick layer of compost, followed with composted and aged horse and goat manure. Spread a small amount of heavier clay soil on top to help the compost break down.  Next I added a variety of garden plant seeds to a cup, mixed then up and tilled them into the bed.   It's been a few weeks since.  I've been watering avg once a day.  Today I went out there and many things have sprouted!  Looks like some corn, squash, beans and more.  Ideally they will grow in with some as companion plants and thriving.  While vegetables grow quickly in full sun, having many together may keep the surface cooler during hot summer days and require less water.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes

They say and apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Why not cook it into a pancake?
Just tried this out today and it was excellent!

Le Cinnamon Apple Pancakes:
Mix these in a bowl;
1 cup pancake mix
1/2 teaspoon cooking oil
A dash of cinnamon (no sugar)
2/3 cup milk
Adding 1 apple of skinless cubes after mixed
Pour into buttered pan
Cook on medium heat
Use spatula to flip

Makes 1  large pancake

Sunday, April 8, 2012


         The idea that there are certain cures for certain illnesses, is a bit misleading. You see the body functions as a whole and constantly heals itself. It is very good at doing this, as long as it has the natural supplies it needs. It's a very simple idea, start with some major vitamins like A, Bs and C. Most people don't get enough of these, unless we are eating a wide variety of freshly picked fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts and more. Getting this variety will fuel your body with everything it needs to heal most ailments, refresh your skin, improve your brains ability to process information and give you an energy boost adding hours to your days.

        This may sound strange, but think about what we would eat if we were living in nature. The further we deviate from that, the more our body has to work to make up for it. Here's an apparent way to see this at work. We have all heard vitamin C helps with colds or the flu. Next time you feel one of these coming on, eat a variety of 3 to 4 servings of fresh fruit, throughout the day. Take note of how you feel and how long it takes to feel better. Compare this to how you normally feel. On a side note, if you really wanna stop it in its tracks: eat no refined sugar, eat less meat, and drink a gallon of water throughout the day.

        By consistently eating foods that still have high amounts of vitamins in them we can become way less susceptible to sickness as well as improve our entire physical health. Vitamins A and B play a larger part in the proper synthesis of hormones and chemicals which allow us to deal with emotional and/or circumstantial issues. Keep consuming a natural supply of Vitamins A and the B's to overcome many common disorders: alcoholism, Alzheimer's, bi-polar, chronic-fatigue, depression, drug-dependency, insomnia, lack of motivation, obesity, and the list goes on...

       All the vitamins work together and create a wellness in the body.  It has been rumored to not only help fight cancer but even to reduce the presence of it in our bodies.  This as well as slowing Alzheimer's was something I found intriguing!  I guess this may be basic knowledge, however it seems few put it to use. I encourage you to learn more about nutrition and it's role in health. Thanks for reading :-)